Art Karat Jewellery Unveils the Exquisite Chola Collection: A Tribute to the Majestic Dynasty on the 18th & 19th August at Hyatt Regency, Anna Salai

The Chola Collection by Art Karat Jewellery is set to be unveiled on 18th August and will be available for purchase at the Art Karat Jewellery show in Chennai at Hyatt Regency, Anna Salai, Chennai on 18th & 19th August 2023 from 11am till 8pm.

Art Karat Jewellery, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, is thrilled to introduce its latest masterpiece – the Chola Collection. Inspired by the resplendent Chola Dynasty, this collection is a fusion of heritage and modern aesthetics, capturing the essence of the dynasty’s grandeur in every piece.  

The Chola Collection draws from the rich history and opulence of the Chola Dynasty, known for its architectural marvels, cultural achievements, and distinct artistic sensibilities. The artisans at Art Karat have meticulously crafted each piece to pay homage to the dynasty’s intricate designs and exquisite adornments.  

At the heart of the Chola Collection is the use of Kundan – a technique that combines uncut gemstones and precious metals to create ornate masterpieces that reflect the grandeur of the past while embracing contemporary elegance. The collection features necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that showcase the fine artistry and attention to detail that Art Karat is renowned for.  

Mrs. Asha Kamal Modi, Creative Director of Art Karat, expressed her excitement about the Chola Collection’s launch, saying, “The Chola Dynasty’s legacy is a true treasure trove of art and culture.  With this collection, we aim to bring the beauty and grace of that era into the modern world. Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted to capture the essence of the Chola Dynasty’s aesthetic.”  

Art Karat Jewellery has always been at the forefront of reimagining traditional designs into contemporary masterpieces, and the Chola Collection is no exception. This collection is an embodiment of the brand’s commitment to quality, creativity, and celebrates the rich heritage of India. Each piece in the collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to bringing timeless beauty to life through impeccable craftsmanship.  

About Art Karat Jewellery  
Art Karat Jewellery is a renowned brand known for its exquisite jewellery designs that blend tradition with innovation. Led by Creative Director ASHA KAMAL MODI. Art Karat is committed to creating pieces that reflect the beauty of Indian art and culture. With a legacy of craftsmanship and creativity, Art Karat continues to captivate jewellery enthusiasts around the world.  

For More Information:

Venue: Hyatt Regency, Anna Salai, Chennai: 600018

Date: 18th & 19th August 2023

Time: 11AM – 8PM

Product Price Ranges: From Rs.4000/- Onwards

Contact Number: +91 8860801802

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