Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road presents the ‘Cool Taste of Summer’ Festival from 17th May 2023 – 28th May 2023 at Food Exchange

As the temperature rises in Chennai during the summer, people look for foods that are cooling and refreshing to beat the heat. In collaboration with 5 home chefs this event will offer summer foods of India be it refreshing drinks snacks and foodfrom various regions of India.

During this festival period our home chefs will put together 10-15 summer dishes.At least 2 dishes from each region will be available every day for lunch and dinner.This festival is curated by in-house Chef Nitu and Yogita Uchilin collaboration with 5 home chefs,- Chef Harshini, Chef Kavitha Bothra, Chef Nithya, Chef HymaSakhamuri , Chef Smita.

Chef Harshini, belongs to a family in which food was at the core of everything. She credits her vast knowledge of Kongu food to her upbringing. Food at her home was always special because she was exposed to different styles of culinary nuances of the region as her grandmother’s family was from Salem when as her grandfather a renowned hotelier, was from Kovai. Not only did this expose her to different styles but also use of different ingredients native to the region. This knowledge of technique and the inherent understanding of Kongunadu cuisine led her to play an active role in the kitchens of her family’s successful culinary ventures in Coimbatore. Over the years she has been associated with successful family ventures Corner Kitchen, 10 Biriyani Mandi and Shree Vidya Meals room. In 2017 she also helped shape the culinary offering of another successful restaurant chain in Chennai, KovaiAlankar Vilas.

Dr Nithya Franklyn comes from a south Tamil Nadu Pandya Nadu and Nanjil cuisine on which she grew up has influences from Kerala and Srilanka and quite different from the food of other parts of Tamil Nadu. She grew up tasting various flavours that are unique to region, It gives her immense pleasure to cook for others and hear the appreciation.  She recognises herself as aPaediatrician by profession a cook by passion and a traveller.

Chef Smitais a Goan settled in Chennai wanted to bring authentic Goan food to the foodies of this city. Goan cuisine is a delicious fusion of the land’s history and heritage. At Kokum by Smita, traditional methods, regional ingredients and heirloom recipes are part of every meal.

Chef HymaSakhamuri is an entrepreneur and educationist turned chef. Her passion for preserving heirloom recipes motivated her to start andhra deli. A Cloud Kitchen specialising in andhra cuisine. Andhra deli over the past 3 years has been serving home-madeandhra speciality dishes. Creating fusion recipes with traditional methods are one of her specialities.

Kavitha Bothraruns a cloud kitchen in the name of BLENDTOWN. All her dishes are self-curated, unique and out-of-the box recipes. She makes very healthy and  creative fusion dishes which are not only appealing to the eye but scrumptious also.

Drop by at Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road between 17th May to 28th May 2023 to witness the coming together of skilled home chef’s and Novotel Chefs as they showcase a specialmedley of Summer Foods of India featuring an array of regional delicacies and drinks crafted to refresh your spirits.

For More Information:

Address: Food Exchange, Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road

Dates: 17th May 2023 – 28th May 2023

Time: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM | 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

For Reservation: 7825808005 / 7824808019

PAX:Lunch: Rs.1299+ per person, Dinner: Rs.1499++ per person,

Sunday Brunch: Rs.1999++ per person

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