As part of its latest ‘Har Sawaal Uthega’ initiative, Tata Salt is conducting a nation-wide campaign in more than 300 schools to encourage children to ask questions as they have the power to shape a better tomorrow

Chennai: 30-01-2023 – Keeping the theme of ‘Desh Ki Sehat, Desh Ka Namak’ at its core, Tata Salt, a pioneer and market leader in India’s branded iodized salt segment, has launched a nationwide Republic Day campaign called Desh Ke Liye #HarSawaalUthega. With its 360-degree approach, the campaign aims to empower children by providing them with one-of-a-kind platform to raise questions that could spark relevant conversations and nudge a societal change.

As a run up to Republic Day, the campaign has gone on-ground and aims to engage with students across India covering states like Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, U.P and Rajasthan among other states.

The on-ground event was successfully conducted in Chennai in St. John’s Sr. Secondary School, Mandaveli, Chennai with attendance of more than 200 students. Some pertinent questions were raised by the students including “Why do we have so many boards like CBSE, ICSE, SB & IB”?”, “How can technology help in improving the availability of freshwater?”, “Why parents don’t support social media, though we learn from it?”, “Why do lawyers wear black coats?” amongst others.

These questions were answered by honorable dignitaries including, Mr. Saravanan Vivekanandan,Co-Founder & CEO of IdeaRx Services & Ms. Anjale Stephanos, Founder & CEO of Maven Connect. More than 350 exhilarating questions were raised by the students, out of which 50 best questions were shortlisted for the event.. All the students who participated in the event were lauded by TATA Salt and awarded with participation certificates.

As part of the campaign, Tata Salt will organize city wide events across India covering private and government schools educating 30,000+ students and giving them a platform to raise their questions. The brand will reward selected students based on their questions, which will be shortlisted by a jury comprising of Policy Makers, Educationists, School Management, Police Officers, Celebrities and Bureaucrats.


Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Deepika Bhan, President, Packaged Foods- India, Tata Consumer Products, states, “Children can really reframe our thinking! They question what we are willing to accept as status quo and that challenge forces change. Desh ke liye #HarSawalUthega is a platform that endeavours to surface these real questions. We’ve received such insightful, provocative questions already and are enthused with the awareness and change the next generation is willing to imagine. Tata Salt is one of India’s most trusted brand, and we definitely want to partner this journey of fuelling an entire generation of kids to raise their questions and contribute to a better tomorrow.”
Mr. Saravanan Vivekanandan, Co-Founder & CEO of IdeaRx Services said “ It is a great initiative. It is an excellent event that will encourage curiosity and social responsibility among budding youngsters. This kind of initiative will help to develop the confidence & social approach of the student to handle life challenges. I appreciate Tata Salt, TSL and St John’s school, and suggest continuing these initiatives.”

Ms. Anjale Stephanos, Founder & CEO of Maven Connect stated “Developing curiosity helps a child to be willing, grow, learn and question what is around them. It helps to develop an imagination and sense of creativity that gives them the basic tools they need to be successful adults. The Social Lab along with Tata Salt is doing a wonderful job in organizing the #HarSawaalUthega sessions for young minds. These sessions rightfully invoke curiosity in kids to grow into dynamic individuals. I feel very privileged that I was able to contribute my time and expertise in encouraging the enthusiastic students of St John’s School and supporting the efforts of the TSL and Tata Salt in this venture.”

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