EuroKids celebrations in Chennai

At EuroKids, we believe that every festival is important and celebrating them is an integral part of child’s learning and overall development. It helps them gain an understanding about various customs and traditions. We at EuroKids Iyyappathangal celebrated the Pongal festival at the centre with fun filled and engaging activities for the parents and the children with over 500 participants. All the young children were dressed in traditional attires and enjoyed the day with multiple activities. We organised short plays to showcase the relevance of this day to the young children. Pongal marks the beginning of the Tamil month called Thai. It is celebrated to thank the Sun, Mother Nature and various farm animals that help to contribute for a successful harvest and hence it is also called as thanksgiving festival. Along with this, all the young children with their parents were the part of prayers. Songs were sung in the honour of god and rice was boiled in earthenware pots which was then offered to the sun along with other offerings as per the rituals. All the children along with their parents worshipped the cows and then the children were taken on the bullock cart in the nearby village. This festival was enjoyed by all the participants thereby making this day a memorable day for all.”

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