A new place to treat women’s “UNSPOKEN” issues

Chennai, 19 November, 2022 – Indigo Womens Center, a NABH accredited, and a hospital dedicated for women’s health inaugurated the its new clinic in Sholinganallur, today. The clinic was inaugurated by Dr Surakshith Battina MD., Director, Chief Laparoscopic Surgeon/Head of Cosmetic Gynaec. Department, Indigo Womens Center in presence of Dr Sarat Battina, Director, Reproductive Medicine/Chief Consultant Gynaecologist, Indigo Womens Center. Mrs Vishnupriya, Playback Singer and Ms Apsara Reddy, Journalist were the invited guests for the occasion.
The Clinic spread across 2500 sq.ft., with wide range of high-quality treatment and care for women’s intimate wellness which includes maternity services and fertility treatment. A dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced Gynaecologists and Fertility experts provide complete healthcare for women equipped with modern updated technologies including the latest laser devices (Femilift) and HIFEM technology (Emsella) that provide a holistic combined treatment for “vaginal rejuvenation”
The facility provides treatment for some of the issues include excessive or severe pain during sex, vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, stress urinary incontinence (dribbling of urine while coughing or having sex) ,post pregnancy weight gain (rehabilitation) and mommy makeover.
Dr Surakshith Battina MD., Director, Chief Laparoscopic Surgeon/Head of Cosmetic Gynaec. Department, Indigo Womens Center said, “With more than 35 years of experience and given the need of care for women across this region, Indigo Womens Center brings healthcare closer to people and keep them safe under one roof. Not all women may require such treatments but statistics show that about 40-50% of our Indian Women Population suffer from these conditions. Such women are embarrassed to talk about these issues even to their doctors. We would like to initiate a dialogue with women with such issues by starting a dedicated clinic for the same.”
Indigo Clinic newly launched in ECR is a womens health unit mainly focused on feminine issues women face due to ageing or multiple vaginal births. Our services include : Laser Vagina Rejuvenation, Labioplasty , Vaginoplasty , mommy makeover , post-delivery rehabilitation , treatment for stress urinary incontinence , treatment for vaginismus , fertility , laparoscopy , maternity.

About Indigo Womens Center
Indigo Womens Center is a NABH Accredited, ISO certified hospital dedicated for women’s health. Established in 2016, core focus is on overall women’s health, Fertility medicine (IUI, VF, ICSI, PGS, PGD), Advance Laparoscopic surgery and maternity
All women’ healthcare-related services are provided under one roof, patients needn’t travel anywhere else for treatment. We educate our patients by providing evidence-based information and help them decide on the best treatment options available to them. Our specialists have over three decades of experience in dealing with infertility. Our specialist, Dr.Sarat Battina, performed the “FIRST GIFT BABY” of Tamil Nadu in 1989 and has won several national and international awards.

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