The magnum opus of the Krishnadhwani school of Natya of Smt. Gayatri Krishnaveni Lakshmanan was staged on 17th November – A Splendid dance drama!!

Jai SriKrishna 🙏🙏

A Splendid dance drama!!

The magnum opus of the Krishnadhwani school of Natya of Smt. Gayatri Krishnaveni Lakshmanan was staged on 17th November at Sathguru Gnananda Hall, Chennai.

The grand show started with the birth of Krishna and continued to showcase Krishna Leela, Kamsa marthanam, Rasa Leela, Gitopadesam and ended with the mind boggling Vishwa roopam of Lord Krishna.

The meticulous choreography of Smt.Gayatri took us back to the period of Krishnavatar in just two hours

The apt Slokas and songs chosen from the Bhagavatam, Narayaneeyam, Geeta Govindam, Bhagavat Gita and the perfect music for the title ‘Jai SriKrishna’ made the program more divine and mesmerizing.

No words to describe the talent and perfection of the student’s of Smt. Gayatri. While Gayatri herself did the part of Radha,Mithun Shyam, an excellent dancer and teacher from Bangalore portrayed the role of Lord Krishna. His disciples did the roles of Kamsa,Devaki and Arjuna so beautifully.

The abhinayas and body language of each character were amazing and gave us goosebumps in many scenes.Little Krishna (AbhinavShankara (with mother Yashodha(Sinni Krishnamayuri)was enchanting.He stole the show during the fightsequence with the 5headed Kaliya done perfectly by alumni of Kalakshetra.
The highlight of this program was the great gesture of Smt.Gayathri to donate all the money collected through the ticket sales to a Charity trust JdsAnimalWelfareZone(J.A.W.Z)foundedbyAdityaVenkatraman.A total collection of
Rs 74300 was handed over by Sri. S.S.Balaji, the MLA from Thiruporur constituency and Kalaimamani Smt. Bombay Ganam to Ms. Arya Rajam,co founder of J.A.W.Z.

It is to be appreciated that Smt. Gayathri has made it a practice to conduct such events every year to collect money for a good cause.
I would request everyone of you to attend her dance programs whenever it is staged and I can assure that even people who are not interested in traditional dance would definitely start enjoying it.
And, needless to say that we get the satisfaction of spending our money for a good cause while encouraging our traditional arts.Kudos to Gayathri who has yet again proved that art can be used for more than just entertainment.
Smt Uma Venkat

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