Rela Hospital Launches 12 Ambulances with Advanced Life Support and Communication systems

Chennai, 17th October 2022: On World Trauma Day, Mr P Mahendran, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Adyar flagged off Rela Hospital’s 12 Ambulance services equipped with fully Advanced life support and communication systems. These ambulances will be stationed across the city. The Deputy commissioner also launched Rela Hospital’s Basic Life Support (BLS) Refresher Training project. The BLS project is aimed to raise awareness and educate the public on how to give immediate life-saving techniques to anyone who requires it. Both these projects were launched in the presence of Prof Mohamed Rela, Chairman, Rela Hospitals at Besant Nagar, Chennai today.

The state-of-the-art ambulances are backed with advanced communication technology that tracks the location enabling faster ambulances to the needy, video call connecting hospital-to-ambulance for early care and tracking of patient vitals and pre-treatment initiation. Keeping in mind every life matters, Rela Hospital intends to train the community and public on the importance and techniques of Basic Life Support by proposing a refresher training in Chennai over the next few months.
“Medical emergencies today is indispensable. Along with the State Government, private hospitals like Rela are making ambulatory emergency services a truly successful service. We appreciate their efforts as more ambulances on the road can save thousands of lives every year. We would like to see more private hospitals inducting ALS ambulances in the near future,” said Mr P Mahendran, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Adyar.
“We truly appreciate the efforts of the Government when it comes to medical emergencies and offering the best of treatment to the public. We had evinced interest to be a part of this initiative with the government. In the first phase, these 12 ambulances will be stationed across the city to reach out to anyone who needs them. We further request other private hospitals to come forward and improve the ambulance network across the city,” said Prof Mohamed Rela, Chairman, Rela Hospital.
Commenting on the basic training life saving techniques program, Prof Mohamed Rela said, “We want to raise an awareness with the public on immediate life-saving techniques. With the public getting involved the chances of revival and survival of critical patients can be improved drastically”.

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