“A 45 year dental practice – turns a new leaf” | Udhayanithi Stalin | Actress Shalini Ajith kumar

“Yash Dental”, a full-service dental centre based out of Chennai, is pleased to announce the launch of the most modern Dental Clinic in Adyar, Chennai.

This Dental Practice was first Established in 1977 by Dr. Venkataraman as a small single-chair dental clinic in Adyar, Chennai.

More than four decades of gathering knowledge, developing new techniques and forming innovative dental treatment protocols has transformed our practice into “Yash Dental” – which will not only be the best dental clinic in Chennai but also a game changer in dentistry in the region.

For over 45 years, This family practice has provided great service and peace of mind for individuals and families in south Chennai’s neighborhoods. In 2022 as we celebrates this milestone, the Yash Dental group has several events planned to engage its patients, clients and the communities it serves.
A few of them are,
1. Creating a smile in the community program – helping low level Sanitary workers to get better health. In association with Govt. Of Tamil Nadu.
2. Rotary Community dentals clinics in association with the Rotary Club of Madras.
3. School dental health program with special focus on Dental flossing.
4. Invisalign First – for our premium customers who prefer the best of
5. Dental Awards to recognize good dental work done by Dentists around the state of Tamil Nadu.

Yash Dental has been a by-product of more than 45 years of history, innovation, ingenuity, rigour and dedication in dentistry and We’ve been extremely fortunate to have a great team of Dentist and Specialists that has served generations of families especially in South Chennai.

We are grateful for the relationships we have with our clients & patients and the trust they place in us. They have a lot of options in dentistry these days, so it is not something we take for granted” says Dr. Yashwanth Kumar Venkataraman Chief Consulatant & Founder of Yash Dental Company.

Hope to carry forward this highly personalised and memorable dental experience with transparency & consistency in years to come as well !!!

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