Employment opportunities for more than thousand men and women in the skilled sector

Senx academy and Laksh institute together with employment training academy with employment opportunities for more than thousand men and women in the skilled sector was inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice Dr. T.N.Vallinayagam and Velli ventures CEO Sharmila
Velli Ventures, Laksh Source Business Solutions and ICCDF jointly launched the grand B2B Beginner to Billionaire program launch event on July 15, 2022 at VV office auditorium, Karapakkam by Honourable Justice Thiru Vallinayaham. Laksh institute and SenX academy launched the course and training. Awards for excellence in Laksh source company over the years were presented by IndiaMart VP Mr Rajkamal, Prof Raja Hussain from Crescent institute of technology and science. TN Information Commissioner Dr Pratap Kumar also felicitated the awards for excellence in SenX Academy.
Laksh Source Founder and Managing director Mr N Somasoundaram said that Laksh Source Business Solutions offers specialized courses in BPO & KPO through their Laksh Institute. The institute offers specialized training in medical coding and finance along with placement. Mr N Somasoundaram also said that Laksh, which has 70% female employees, gives priority to women and younger job seekers.
Two institutes namely Laksh Institute and SenX Academy were launched on the occasion.
About SenX Academy its CEO Kavita Senthilnathan said SenX Academy known as Sen Academy was functioning for 3 years with its head office in Cuddalore. She said SenX Academy has a wide range of courses under fashion, filmography, professional grooming, corporate training and more. The Academy has its head office in Karapakkam, Chennai and its branch office in Puducherry.
Villi Ventures Pvt Ltd is an entrepreneur creation company. It funds, mentors, and empowers young and budding start-ups. As the founders of Villi Ventures and SenX shared a common goal of empowering women leading to the birth of SenX Academy.
Velli Ventures Founder and Chair Women Dr SJK Sharmila, said that Laksh Institute will pioneer new employment workshops in the BPO & KPO Industry. Laksh Institute and Senex Academy will be a training centre for creating entrepreneurs. It will help the students to develop required skills and ensure them placements in their field of expertise and Dr SJK Sharmila said that the students who pass through this institution will get at least 5 lakh CTC per annum.
Addressing the gathering Velli Ventures CEO Mr Jose Varghese, highlighted the vision of Beginner to Billionaire program which aims to boost the start-up eco-system. Velli Ventures is focussed on creating woman entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams, who shall bring up the society around us meaningfully.

India turns Pink Founder Mr Anandhakumar said these institutes train students to become self-employed entrepreneurs and thereby lead to start their own businesses. He said that the main objective of the Beginner to Billionaire program is to provide guidance and best support to such companies on the path of development.
Also Laksh Training Center Founder Mr N. Somasoundaram said that these companies have decided to provide at least 1000 students through their training institues within this year through Project 2022.
More multi-disciplinary experts attended the Velli Ventures event, which turns entrepreneurs into industrialists.

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