Antano & Harini flags off the ‘BiG’ Event; 150+ Impact Creators assemble to imbibe superpowers to change anyone, anywhere

The immersive apprenticeship by Antano & Harini ‘installs’ the superior capabilities of world leaders and helps impact creators disrupt industries & evolve families

Chennai, 26th April, 2022:  Legacy  Accelerators  and  creators  of  Excellence  Installations  Technology  (EIT), Antano & Harini successfully conducted the Become Installation Genius (BiG) Event. Witnessing the participation of 150+ aspiring impact creators, BiG was monumental in not only accelerating the personal evolution of the participants but also equipping them with the superior capabilities of world leaders to disrupt industries and evolve families.

BiG Event is part of the 4-year apprenticeship program by Antano & Harini to become an installation genius and be equipped with excellence installation skills. Excellence Installations is scientifically-validated and most advanced technology to design and fastrack personal evolution. The flagship BiG Event follows the vision of Antano & Harini to have 1 million  Installation  Geniuses  across the globe.

Commenting on the BiG Event, Antano Solar John, Co-Creator of Excellence Installation Technology, said, “The world-impact of 1 million installation geniuses is extraordinary. People who are not only evolving at an unprecedented pace but are also equipped with the superior capabilities of world leaders to disrupt industries and evolve their families, can together change the trajectory of the human race.”

Harini Ramachandran, Co-Creator of Excellence Installations Technology, added, “The world today doesn’t not need successful people alone. Instead, people who are equipped with the superior capabilities to become the world leader and create more leaders in their wake will change the trajectory of the world. And that’s exactly what the BiG program promises. I welcome the new cohort of Installation Genius apprentices and I’m delighted to witness the possibilities as these apprentices emerge as Installation Geniuses and take their ecosystem out of the clutches of mediocrity and towards excellence in health, business, family relationships, Legacy, and more, all together, simultaneously.”

Before attending the BiG Event, each participant had gone through at least one evolution cycle in compressed time. This means that they have already experienced excellence installations to accelerate life outcomes across multiple contexts: Business, Health, Family, Career, Relationships, Wellness, and Legacy, all together, simultaneously.

BiG gives these evolving champions the BiG-Vantage to take their unique impact to the masses and become equipped to disrupt industries and evolve their family members. Antano & Harini not only mapped the personal evolution of each of the participants but equipped them to accelerate across the 4 salient pillars of becoming an installation genius, i.e.

1.       Predictive Intelligence: to discern the life consequences of the present-day mindset, capabilities, and emotional states of mind of an individual and make the minimum possible tweaks to completely shift the trajectory of their life.

2.       Time-compression & Integrated Life Outcomes:  Bridging the capability gaps to enable an individual to achieve in 2-3 years what would otherwise take 10, 20, 30 or more. An installation genius is able to create integrated life outcomes for people, marked with more success, more vitality, more love, prosperity, and peace!

3.       Installation Capabilities: An Installation Genius has the unique ability to install superior capabilities & mindset into a novice over a course of a casual conversation. These installations result in time-compression across all life outcomes: business, health, family, and Legacy!

4.       Conversational Programming Mastery:  The art and skill to be charismatic on-demand and influence conversationally. Shift limiting beliefs and mindset of people over a casual conversation. The world leaders can do this on-demand, and so can Installation Geniuses.

Some of the EIT-enabled start-ups & EIT Entrepreneurs incubated by Antano & Harini are today well-established names in the field of wellness, education, media, coaching, etc. As the largest one-on-one mentoring platform, Antano & Harini have also evolved over 2,500 families and transformed 10,000+ family relationships. For their unique impact, Antano & Harini received the ‘Award of Honour’ from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India.

About Antano & Harini:

Legacy Accelerators, Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran are Co-Creators of Excellence Installations Technology (EIT). The technology identifies and develops Core Capabilities one needs to Launch a legacy and achieve in 3 years what would otherwise take 10-20 years.

With 50,000 breakthroughs & counting, Antano & Harini is the largest one-on-one mentoring platform in the world. They have worked with legends including Academy & Grammy Award winners, Padma Bhushan awardees, international-level athletes, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Top Executives from the Fortune 500 and more.

They are endorsed for their experience and understanding of human excellence by the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dr John Grinder and received the Award of Honour by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

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